History of Cementos del Norte, S. A.

The original production facility for ‘CEMENTOS DEL NORTE, S. A. (CENOSA)’, started its operations in the year of 1.958 under the name ‘CEMENTOS DE HONDURAS, S A.’ as a private initiative, then became 1.981 in state enterprise, denominated CEMENTOS DE HONDURAS. Later, in 1.992, it reformed again as a private initiative under the name ‘Cementos del Norte S.A.’, and in 1.997 joined a strategic alliance with ‘Cementos Progreso’ from Guatemala.

CENOSA actively participates in the economic development of Honduras. It possesses the highest technologies, as well as successfully trained human resources who are permanently interested in the environment and in the development of a successful results-oriented organizational culture.

CENOSA’s main activities are the manufacture and supply of cement, which is fabricated under strict quality controls to provide our customers with products that meet the ASTM standards of USA.

The production facility provides jobs and development to the people of Bijao, Choloma, Puerto Cortes and San Pedro Sula.

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